Sunday before spring break

Working at the University today, it’s the Sunday before spring break and it’s dead. One of those lovely days when I just get to sit here and read, and wait, for somebody to ask me something, anything.. anyone?

So, end of shift updates. I have helped via chat 3 people. I can’t remember the first one. But I told somebody our hours, and helped another student find facts about the cultural climate and economy of Pakistan. Here’s a tidbit I found especially grim:

“Pakistan is a patriarchal Islamic society where men dominate in all areas of public and private life. Pakistani women and girls are particularly prone to acts to violence from men. Such acts can include beatings, mutilation, having acid thrown on their faces, murder, custodial beatings, rape, and the practice of “honor killings,” where a woman who deviates from established social and cultural norms is killed, ostensibly to protect the family’s honor.”

-Global Road Warrior database, Pakistan: Women in Culture

Makes you think about how scary of a place this world can be. I feel for the oppressed and hope that one day women in Pakistan can be seen as equals, at the very least not murdered for being different or progressive. OK, rant over, sorry for the bring down. Sunday funday once again.



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