Monday, Monday..

Mondays and Tuesdays are my least favorite days, when I work at the public. I start Monday with 4 hours in the tech lab, which means essentially glorified babysitting. Currently there are 5 Mormons in the middle row, 2 folks in the back, and 1 in the veranda on his cell phone basically screaming into the receiver.

People don’t really understand what please silence your cell phone means, actually I think he may not even know how to do this. Anyways, I’m cranky anyhow so my tolerance for this usual crap seems low. I know him anyways, and he needs work, I assume it’s for a job, because of the rate he jumped up. He sits in the tech center almost every day, looking around for jobs, and makes noises every so often, throat clears, sighs, I think he’s just trying to project himself out into the human race, reminding himself that he is indeed, real after all these years.

Public is a sad place sometimes, and it is there to be open to all kinds of people, for the benefit of the whole human race. But, public libraries are often where the downtrodden go, look around yours. Outside and around it especially in big cities, take note of the homeless and elderly populations, it is a place for the public, we are all part of the public. As I type one of the homeless men who comes in an listens to metal has decided to strike up a conversation with the 5 Mormon kids, speaking at the top of his lungs in an otherwise quiet computer lab, makes sense doesn’t it? So as usual I have to go over and ask that if they are going to have a conversation to please take it outside, although the kids have no intent on talking with him and just want him to go away. At least he’s nice and stops. Now, I will have to overhear Rammestein through this guys earphones for the next 2 hours, peeking every so often at his screen to see that he is researching string theory or some other weird cosmic or religious crap. Apparently today, he’s watching Taylor Swift interviews, that’s a new one. He calls himself Lionheart. I don’t know if he’s crazy or know something I don’t, today he has a sign. I didn’t read it though, but now I’m curious as to what it says. His account says he’s from another state, I think Idaho. I call him the drifter, although I know his real name I won’t say it here. Thank god for that 2 hour limit, he laughs to himself loudly and often, and the tech center, not having much in terms of ventilation is now full of his musty dank odor. Another plus.

I pass the time in here mainly by cataloging the children’s material. Today it’s been music CD’s. And I’m almost done. Nobody has asked me for much today, how do I log on? Is there something wrong with my card? How do I print? Are these things working today? Just the normal questions. Boring, old questions.



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