Happiness Index?

So this happiness index..


Apparently this company http://www.theharrispoll.com/ has been collecting US consumer’s appraisal of their own happiness levels with a corresponding score. I’m not sure how this all works, but notice the dip in the middle. The second adolescence, the mind boggling decade when all your preconceived notions of the world and what you thought your life was and would be, when your body takes a dive on you and you have come to the complete conclusion that you are so wise but happen to know nothing at all. Half your friends are married with kids and the other half are trying to figure out if marriage and kids is even a thing they want in their life. Maybe a career, maybe lots of cats instead? The decade is.. Your 30s. Seems about right to me. But wait.. There’s hope. It gets better! I’ve been hearing that a lot. But I guess all us 30 somethings will just have to keep trying to get it right in the meantime. The struggle is real, and so are the semi-mid-life crises.


*By demographic, the Happiness Index in 2013 was as follows:




18-to-24: 31

25-to-29: 30

30-to-39: 28

40-to-49: 30

50-to-50: 36

65 and older: 41


*Courtesy of the Consumer Behavior Report 2015-2016. Published by Richard K. Miller and Associates.

Just a thought for the day..

*** Here’s the update for 2016, appears our happiness levels are at an all time low?


I don’t think I’m too surprised..


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