My lenghty absence..

Due to a long 3 day weekend in Palm Springs, and slow spotty internet at the public on Monday, I have been neglecting my biggest fans I see. So here’s an update on what you have missed.

So yesterday I was in the tech lab for the AM, telling people every 5 seconds “our internet is slow and spotty, city IT is aware and they are working on the problem”. “no I can’t do anything to speed it up”. AND “no I mean it I can’t do anything to speed it up”. For a solid 3 fucking hours. How dare our FREE internet service not be performing to your speed standards I know its a crime against humanity. But somehow we all got through it. I helped a lady who tried to tip me 5$ and my favorite homeless drifter tells me on his way out: “I’m not your slave, I don’t work for you”.  Which made everybody look at me funny, in which I just shrugged.

I also did about 4 hours of desk time after tech lab.. Passports, standard questions. Where is this or that? Can I have a book about the wixels? The what? The wixels??? Took about 10 solid minutes to figure out this kid meant the Lego Mixels. Nobody really knows what they want in this life do they?

Well, I did notice though while cataloging they wrote a book about how to better examine my current life status:


Maybe I can learn a thing or two from this.




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