Am I obsessed with cheese?

I spent a lot of today complaining to my associates about how I’m at this point in my life where things just aren’t working like they should so I have to change something, or choose a path, or make some sort of move.. The universe demands it. Anyways. I drew this snazzy little demonstration.. Look, that round thing in the middle is me. And all the paths that I can choose, moving out of state, going back to school, trying to find a third job, going back to live with family, saying screw it all and driving my car off a bridge (not really, well maybe?) they are radiating out like sun beams. See the questions?? All the questions??? Don’t mind Francis Archibald she’s not part of the life map deal.. I was helping a student try to find a court case…


I’m not an artist clearly.. But sometimes it feels good to turn your confusion into a tangible thing you can see. So as I’m explaining it I get my mind blown.. Put it on a 3D plane and imagine you can take all the lines and they eventually converge right back to the same point. I can do all the things. Or multiple things, and it would look something like this…


A 3D life map. Or, a spider eating another spider. Makes me realize that even planning is futile. And yeah, a lot of people I know are in this boat, floating, struggling trying to make sense of it and become what we want to be, and know we should be fighting even if we want to give up. It’s rough this life stuff.

And I also learned that I may or may not be obsessed with cheese. This verdict is not out on this yet. A pretty slow day on the professional front, just scanning and helping researchers find test instruments. Until tomorrow think about your own 3D life map. Bet you mine is cooler.


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