Early.. too early.

By a ill timed twist of fate with my car door I was exactly 4 hours early to work today. At least I suckered one person into meeting me for lunch, but now I still have 2 hours to kill.

It’s not so bad when you work in a library and there’s one million and one things to read, and a nice quiet place to do so. It dawned on me today how happy I should be to love the place that I work (aka my weekend job) NOT the public. So I was happy. I just went with it. Despite all the other things that could make me unhappy today I’ll stick with happy.

So yesterday was the same old here. Reference questions, busier than usual due to finals coming up. Thinking about starting our display case for graduation over the weekend. Since April is poetry month has to go by May 1st. Nothing much else going on around here work wise and though this feels like a note to a friend that is going nowhere I just wanted to kill some time. I wish I could take a nap, but I’m not the kind of person that can just sleep like that, wish I was.


Fric Frack

So, it’s been a while, maybe I’m not the greatest at the steady blogging. I usually catch up on Mondays when I’m stuck in this disgusting tech cave, but I had the death cold last week and was down for 3 solid days. It was so nice not having to come here though I’ll tell you that much. Either way, it’s Monday, I’m here now and here for a long time so let’s do this. Positivity today, only. Which is hard because the second I walk in the door its straight cynicism and annoyance. Have to try though, for my own sake.

I had a really busy week at the University. It may be because the semester is coming to a close, not many people do research during finals week, it usually happens about a month before. I do get some last minutes, but usually during 24/7 weeks most of my questions are about print cards, or change for a 5 or renting headphones. Which is nice, I guess it gives my brain a break.

Friday I had instruction for a new class, which to my delight was only about 15 minutes. It was just industry info, NAICS code and annual 10k stuff for business, which is pretty straight forward. It was pretty awesome that I didn’t have to ramble on to dead eyes for an hour, the class was nice and attentive. I think that I appreciate working with the adult students, they seem to be more in tune and  grateful to have the information than the younger ones, who are in another world most of the time.

Saturday was super busy, I think I was with a student in one capacity or another for the entire 5 hours, mostly business stuff again but some tough ones. I helped a guy who wanted information on fracking in CA. OK first of all what is fracking? Hydroelectric fracturing, or some way that we put water and other crap into the earth to push up oil. Hmm, that’s interesting. So he wants to know how many fracking wells in CA, and how much water are we using? I found a good ebook that helped with the number of wells.  And a CA gov website that provided quarter reports.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, which is not that long of a period of time.. CA wells injected 94,602 acre-feet of water into fracking wells. What the hell is an acre feet? Well a lot. This number roughly translates to about 30,826,196,697.054 gallons. Fuck. It’s almost mind boggling the amount of water we put toward this, aren’t we in a drought? Don’t yell at me about eating an almond when you are driving around in your SUV because that is a shit ton of water for oil. But the things we value at the cost of our natural environment never ceases to amaze me.


Other than that I basically just learned about Herzberg’s dual leadership theory, public transportation and how it relates to poverty and unemployment, team work in the transportation industry,  just boring things, how do I find this article, how do I order books from another library. The printer is out of paper… etc.

I’ve been keeping myself busy trying to whittle down the item count in our digital collection for Gladdys. It’s working, but its tedious converting multi page TIF items into single PDF files and switching out. It’s nice to see the numbers go down though, I’m switching the bigger items first. I think there is something about seeing tangible results for your work. Sometimes that’s hard being a librarian many times you are just sharing information, I guess some students I help let me read their senior projects which is nice because I can see that result, I also guess I could look at my stat numbers, but that’s boring. Anyhow. There’s so many books to catalog here. I really don’t even feel like doing it, but I should be going. Until tomorrow when I’m back in the cave..

I’m looking forward to summer again. I hate hot weather (I really should move) but I like the fact that my day off switches from Wednesday to Sunday. This means brunch again. I’m literally just sitting here in an empty computer lab thinking about brunch right now.

Here’s the actual scene.

TC empty


Although somebody just came in and ruined my silent awesomeness. AH now there’s three. Like weeds these people multiply. You look up and suddenly it’s a room full of people clacking away, their odors and vibrations mixed with one another’s and your own until you don’t know where they stop and you start. Where their frustrations and troubles are inadvertently projected in your direction. Mostly gripes, Mondays, print jobs that don’t work and forgotten email passwords. Some are writing to their doctor, some facebooking, some watching young men do make up tutorials on you tube to make themselves look like young girls. Although this is NOT illegal its creepy AF, especially when you know the guy watching is a registered sex offender and he’s getting some sort of jollies of it somehow. I’d honestly rather see people watching porn that that, it’s just utterly disturbing. This IS the public, I remind myself, the tired poor huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. And to get some free internet. There is some positivity though. I need to figure out how to tune out that lower wavelength. Maybe that is my lesson and why I’m stuck here until I can. A hyped up nurse on coffee just came and talked with me. I like those people the most. The casual ones, that just talk, he had to go submit another drug test for work, and he liked the gigantic clock on the wall, I told him where he could get one. He called me dear. How nice.

Pipe dreams and motivations

So it turns out most of the digital collections work I did today may have been in vain. I won’t bore you with the intimate details, but sometimes it happens that way. Sigh.

What was good about today was book day here at the library. Published authors talked about their process, inspiration, frustrations, etc. It was cool to see the different types of work that can be done, textbooks, non-fiction, and fiction. It made me realize this writing dream isn’t really too far-fetched. I may not be Faulkner, but I can just write for the sake of feeling slightly creative and see where it goes. My brainstreams blog is a good start. But I want to start some short story work, I kind of did that last night about my public library patron arch nemesis. Which I will just try to do more observation work on these tech center crazies, and pass the time that way. If nothing else, this whole movement made me attempt to clean up my laptop, which was on otherwise expensive paperweight thanks to ex jerk #1..

I have my great-grandmother’s and grandfather’s novel drafts that are burining a hole in my pocket at the moment.. I can’t believe my mom was just going to throw them away when she moved. I have been meaning to digitize them first to keep them safe lest any fire break out or whatever, but if I wanted to edit them I would have to convert to word using OCR tech and I don’t have that. A long time ago, I was bored and tried starting to transcribe them into word, but that takes a long time. I still might do it. Now I have time on my hands. I realized I haven’t even really read either of them all the way through I don’t want to say if they are “good” or “bad” I don’t want to judge them I want them to just be what they are.. I wonder if I should lightly edit, and try to get them published. I don’t know legally how that works if they are both long dead?

At the same time, I was kind of playing with the idea of going back to school for a PHD in history. This is a long shot dream, but now that I’m thinking of Keren’s book (the other Keren) maybe focusing on prostitution and the comstock lode, the Nevada area, etc. This could be something coming together in my brain. After all I have connections to the area as well, so If I have to go up to research I am familiar. This means I’ll get more degrees (yay!) But also more debt (boo) but also more writing (yay) and also more research (yay) but where is there time for all of this? It’s all just ideas right now. But I have to move forward on them before I get lazy and old and disconnected from any creativity I may have left.

There’s possibility out there I guess I just have to find it.

Slow speed ahead

Sorry! It’s been so long since I blogged. Life things got in the way, one of which being laziness. I was actually inspired just now by somebody to write this. It’s my tech center Monday AM and my favorite thing.. complaints about internet speed.

This guy approaches me… Is your internet always this speed? It’s 1.5, I can get 10 at home.

As you know internet providers speeds can vary , but yes, we usually have the same speed SLOW, because we are a public library on a city network. If you can get 10 at home. GO BACK THERE. I actually did tell him, yes he should go back home then. I should have told him I turned down the internet speed with the dial here at my desk as soon as I saw him coming because I don’t like him much. But that probably wouldn’t have gone over well.

So not much has really been going on. The RC library is now officially a passport office, where we collect processing fees so the library can have even more money instead of us actually dealing with patron’s library needs. It’s fun. OH public. When can I get out of here.

What blows my mind is that people just most of the time feel a need to publically express their distaste for something because they are miserable inside and have nothing better to do.

I have the same tormentors week after week. Last Tuesday, Some children were licking lollipops in the tech center, and tormentor #1 took it upon herself to ask “Excuse me are we allowed to eat in here”  .. I look around confused.. who’s eating? She points to the lollipops. (this is technically the rule, but use your discretion. OBVIOUSLY no fried chicken or tuna sandwiches, but candy, OK gum.. Is gum eating? How about a mint?) Yeah I think those are OK, why are they bothering you? No.. I was just wondering. (smug look and turns back to screen where she is printing coupons and facebooking mind you not doing anything of importance)  NO you were just being a jerk and wanted me to kick small children that were being appropriately watched by their mother out of the computer lab because they had lollipops.

Ok that rant is over. Only 2.5 more hours in here today. Then 3 hours on reference, then 1 hour processing passports. Yes, this is what a librarian does. At least I was able to help an Iranian doctor with proofreading, he tried to pay me. I could take the tip and nobody would know. But I just can’t. I won’t do it for everybody, just the people that really need it that are nice to me. You can really get places in life by being pleasant with people. I don’t understand why people don’t try it out more often.