Slow speed ahead

Sorry! It’s been so long since I blogged. Life things got in the way, one of which being laziness. I was actually inspired just now by somebody to write this. It’s my tech center Monday AM and my favorite thing.. complaints about internet speed.

This guy approaches me… Is your internet always this speed? It’s 1.5, I can get 10 at home.

As you know internet providers speeds can vary , but yes, we usually have the same speed SLOW, because we are a public library on a city network. If you can get 10 at home. GO BACK THERE. I actually did tell him, yes he should go back home then. I should have told him I turned down the internet speed with the dial here at my desk as soon as I saw him coming because I don’t like him much. But that probably wouldn’t have gone over well.

So not much has really been going on. The RC library is now officially a passport office, where we collect processing fees so the library can have even more money instead of us actually dealing with patron’s library needs. It’s fun. OH public. When can I get out of here.

What blows my mind is that people just most of the time feel a need to publically express their distaste for something because they are miserable inside and have nothing better to do.

I have the same tormentors week after week. Last Tuesday, Some children were licking lollipops in the tech center, and tormentor #1 took it upon herself to ask “Excuse me are we allowed to eat in here”  .. I look around confused.. who’s eating? She points to the lollipops. (this is technically the rule, but use your discretion. OBVIOUSLY no fried chicken or tuna sandwiches, but candy, OK gum.. Is gum eating? How about a mint?) Yeah I think those are OK, why are they bothering you? No.. I was just wondering. (smug look and turns back to screen where she is printing coupons and facebooking mind you not doing anything of importance)  NO you were just being a jerk and wanted me to kick small children that were being appropriately watched by their mother out of the computer lab because they had lollipops.

Ok that rant is over. Only 2.5 more hours in here today. Then 3 hours on reference, then 1 hour processing passports. Yes, this is what a librarian does. At least I was able to help an Iranian doctor with proofreading, he tried to pay me. I could take the tip and nobody would know. But I just can’t. I won’t do it for everybody, just the people that really need it that are nice to me. You can really get places in life by being pleasant with people. I don’t understand why people don’t try it out more often.




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