Early.. too early.

By a ill timed twist of fate with my car door I was exactly 4 hours early to work today. At least I suckered one person into meeting me for lunch, but now I still have 2 hours to kill.

It’s not so bad when you work in a library and there’s one million and one things to read, and a nice quiet place to do so. It dawned on me today how happy I should be to love the place that I work (aka my weekend job) NOT the public. So I was happy. I just went with it. Despite all the other things that could make me unhappy today I’ll stick with happy.

So yesterday was the same old here. Reference questions, busier than usual due to finals coming up. Thinking about starting our display case for graduation over the weekend. Since April is poetry month has to go by May 1st. Nothing much else going on around here work wise and though this feels like a note to a friend that is going nowhere I just wanted to kill some time. I wish I could take a nap, but I’m not the kind of person that can just sleep like that, wish I was.


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