Snap me academics

Today the circulation supervisor asked me if I was interested in developing a library Snapchat with her. Um, YES!

I find myself on the edge of the millennial generation here at the University. I still feel that I have some old school methods about me, but my attention span is next to nothing and my insatiable need for instant gratification is apparent in many aspects of my personal and professional life. I like to think that I’m close enough age wise to the students that I haven’t quite lost touch with what’s trending in social media, I may not be so hip on the music these days, but you know they say that happens.

Somebody even told me the other day “I gotta snapchat this” should be the tagline on my tombstone, since I say it so often. Although slightly offended by this, I quickly recovered and thought well, at least it would be funny. I’m what you would call a social media jumper. After a break up I prefer to switch my main social media channel. I quit Facebook 5 years ago, then was strictly Instagram. Earlier this year I ditched Instagram for Snapchat. It’s my safe place. No trace of ex’s… No why did you delete me…No pictures of them and girlfriend version whatever. Snapchat is quick, funny, and those face swap options were really groundbreaking. As an app it really caters to the short attention span of the younger generation. Which, according to this article from time magazine article from 2015 is now official shorter than that of a goldfish:

So what can using Snapchat do for an academic library? We already have a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel and Instagram account. But do students really use these? I don’t really think so. How can we market this to the students? Sometimes I think we just overthink things. Here’s how I see it. Step 1, get the student workers to add us. Step 2, maybe a bit of advertising, throw out some snap challenges and contests, nothing pulls them in like free stuff. Step 3, just have fun with it. That’s how I really feel anyways, it’s free, we are here anyways, what do we have to lose with it really? Just one more account to snap for. Looking at the library through the lens of a reference librarian in her natural habitat.


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