Case of the Sundays

Some days…

Are better than others. For sure. Today we started our 24/7 period for finals for the spring semester. Which means sometimes I have to be the adult in the room when the Circulation supervisors don’t come in until later. It’s Sunday, so on top of kind of envying everybody who got to stay in bed with this gloom and have a Lazy Sunday, or seeing pics of everybody brunching on Instagram or snapchat I am here. Basically dealing with all the things. And I just can’t wait to go back to bed…

It’s inevitable that during this 24/7 period more people are needing access to our databases and resources, so I guess it’s inevitable that there will be more problems that may come up. But this morning there were quite a few that I couldn’t fix, I don’t have the access to create or update patron records so they basically have to wait until the supervisor comes in, which always makes me sad because I know people are basically in crunch time right now and those 5 hours of research could be vital to them, but I continue on.

The day goes something like this:

Wake up tired

Rain and gloom with purring furball make me want to stay in bed FOREVER.

Window left open in car means a soaking passenger seat and door that kind of smells funky.

Student worker late, then calls off.

Multiple patrons with access issues, must break news you cannot help them and they have to wait.

Many chat questions, Coca-Cola and technology, child abuse effects, strategic marketing in healthcare, annual 10-K report for Harley.

Therapy dog comes to chill out and relax us! YAY!

Therapy dog has diarrhea in the library while handler tries to get him outside. Very pungent.

More phone calls and questions about poster printing and other things.

Look at clock and want to cry. Imagine self on Tropical Island.

That’s pretty much the gist of it today. Sigh. And back to Rancho tomorrow I have to try to find some silver lining here. I think that may be Game of Thrones tonight, although as mentioned before I think I may only be able to muster enough might to get back into PJs and get back into bed.


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