7 out of 9

It’s finals week….
And the University library is abuzz with students. Loud students. Doing papers, projects, reading, studying, all the like.  Getting ready for my summer schedule here, which is not so bad. I’m actually looking forward to this summer. Which I don’t really usually say, and I don’t know why it’s happening now. Curious optimism I suppose. Either way, things are about to slow down here. We will probably do some weeding, and I can continue to work on the digital stuff, which is time consuming and hopefully take more time out to write things.

I’ve been lazy on the blogging, and in every aspect of my life but there wasn’t much to miss. Same old same old. We got a new live one for the tech center at public, she is a mentally ill woman who harasses other patrons and accuses us of shooting laser beams at her with our computers. She had to be arrested last week, I’m sure she will be back. I only dealt with her once, which was more mild. Where she yelled at me her computer didn’t work, started repeatedly banging the mouse against the counter. When I was gone, she proceeded to yell at the guy next to her saying he hit her in the head with his mouse. My co-worker who took over for me dealt with the rest of that encounter, but I remember telling her to keep a look out for that lady as I was leaving. Things must have escalated for her, or maybe a change in medication? Lucky for me it’s Memorial Day and I took Tuesday off so I don’t have to be back there for 2 weeks. YEEESSSSS. And I’m not even going to Vegas anymore due to unforeseen circumstances but whatever.

On another note I’m going to go on a side rant advertising the book I’m currently reading:
As a single 30 something weddings and babies (other people’s babies) seem to be the theme and what take up a good portion of my time and money. And YES, there I am honored and happy to see those among me growing into wives, husbands, and parents, they are happy this is great. But today. OH today. Bitmoji has added a new “maternity” section where you can make your emoji pregnant. I guess this is nice for people who are sporting a bump, but I can see a lot of practical jokes played this way. Anyways, I feel like it’s kind of just thrown in a young woman’s face quite a lot, like a lot. It’s hard enough to have your internal clock basically screaming at you to fulfill your humanly duties and stick a baby inside of it you have to deal with the societal pressures as well. Or the people asking if you are married and when you say no, they will say something sweet like, you’re next, why not, insert well-meaning comment here. It actually almost kind of makes it worse. I guess the point of my story is being a woman today is much different than it was 50 years ago. My co-worker introduced me to this book, which I am not far enough into as I want to be, but it’s good, here’s a tidbit for you even if you don’t open up the link and look at the book. I’m not the only one, who is at the very least waiting, because now there is time…
Today, only twenty percent of Americans are wed by age twenty-nine, compared to nearly sixty percent in 1960. The Population Reference Bureau calls it a “dramatic reversal.”


Also, you know I had to dig around for this:

Either way. Maybe I’m on some feminist trip these days. But I have also picked up a new biography Zelda about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife who had mental issues, and eventually was committed to a hospital and died there in a fire. “Hysterical” women could be thrown into institutions by their husbands when they became too much of a nuisance and just get lost in the system never to see the light of day again. This is true for many more types of underrepresented people.  There is a very dark part of the human mind and where it can go, both for mentally ill AND “sane” folks. But those dark parts are worth acknowledging and exploring.


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