The great coinbox heist

My co-worker friend texts me on a Friday afternoon and tells me that we got robbed. Two young men came into the traditional branch, cased the joint, waited until nobody was around then took the coin dispenser box attached to the printer on the far side of the library. They snipped the wires and ran across the entire first floor out the emergency exit with the box, leaving the exit alarm wailing and everybody, staff included wondering WTF just happened.

People will steal anything, really, anything. After working in real estate with vacant listings I do believe this, it is a fact of life. So these two jerks run off with a 3500 coin box that is literally full of NO coins because it got emptied earlier that day. Would say the joke is on them, but really it’s still on us because that equipment is expensive.

Wow. The worst part of it all is that nobody felt it necessary to relay this information to all the staff via email. There are so many of us that float around between the branches the main communication is email. I stopped reading them long ago because they are for the most part full of nonsense. If you need me I’m here today, or there today, or taking late lunch or make sure you put the scissors back, basically when anybody sneezes BUT nobody in management feels it’s necessary to tell us as a safety precaution about these big things that happen here in the library. NICE management, thanks..


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