Playcat.. one patron’s freedom from shame


So do you notice anything strange about this cat?

Yes, he’s hiding his private parts because he’s ashamed of them.

This is just the first cat in the series of drawings. The rest of them consist of a more shame free and open cat with his hands up behind his head, no longer afraid to show himself to the world. This series of drawings is called.. Playcat, like the magazine, and is brought to you by a new patron here at the public. (Sadly, this isn’t the real one, my co-worker redrew it for me when I told her I wanted to blog about her interesting Saturday interaction.)

It was much more than just the drawing, there was other oddities about this particular patron but , I really wanted to see what this shameful cat looked like so I made her redraw the one hiding it’s junk.  The fact that it’s standing on two legs well.. Me thinks that this is just a way for somebody going through a personal transformation to express themselves, while deciding to share it symbolically through low grade cat art to random library workers. Free yourselves from shame people, then come to the library and tell somebody with a name tag about it. It’s funny, it’s so random and completely off the wall, but at the same time open, and honest, and I understand it and think that it’s kind of nice despite itself. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think that we could all learn a little from this cat and not be so ashamed of ourselves all the time, or uncomfortable with who we really are. Sometimes it’s easy to find inspiration in the most unexpected places. I didn’t even know I had until I started writing this post.


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