I’m not supposed to catalog anymore today, so I’m sitting in a near empty tech center, with a swinging outdoor concert in the veranda. I just gave the two people in here an extra half hour over their allotted two hours, because they are nice, and there’s nobody in here, and who fucking cares about these rules really? There is 21 computers and nobody is using 19 of them.

I think I have a hard time enforcing rules, it’s one of the major problems I think I have with the public side as a librarian. Some of them are just silly. I know why we have them, but I also think they are meant to be bent at times, and can definitely be situational. I don’t argue with people about most things. And I really don’t care what they are doing or why they are here. I think they should be able to have all the access they need to the information and tools we have. WHY can’t we all just act like courteous people anyways? I overheard a man last week yelling at my co-worker because he wanted her to reserve the newspaper for him, like put it on hold for him when for he got in. He was upset because other people take the newspaper and then don’t read it or hold on to it too long, and we should save it especially for him so this wouldn’t happen. THIS seems like a problem of humanity and NOT the library workers who make peanuts at the desk. Is it our fault that people don’t know how to share like civilized human beings? Not really. And how is HIS reading of the paper is more important than anybody elses who wants to read it.

It’s one of those days when nothing is where it should be, people are impatient, the schedule is messed up and you find yourself swimming alone on desk through a sea of strangely needy library patrons flagging you down and expecting you to help them WHILE you are assisting somebody else, asking several part questions one after another until you feel the burn of the eyes of the next four people crowding (yes crowding, no lines here!) around the desk waiting for you to find them a book (which won’t be where it’s supposed to be anyways) without even attempting to first help themselves. Did I mention running into a swinging library gate and getting a massive bruise causing you to basically cry in front of a patron? Sigh.

This world is full of people and we all need something. Including me. I need some whiskey, and possibly some restorative yoga and perhaps a cookie.



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