Textbook Time

No. We don’t have your textbooks.

I forget the whole first week of school students come to libraries thinking that we carry all the textbooks they will need for their classes. I’m not sure people really know how libraries work. Ok well they don’t, at all. First of all, if we HAD textbook materials there is no way we can afford to update them every year when the new edition required for you classes comes out? Second of all, do you think that a public library somehow has the syllabi for every single college course in a 20 mile radius and that we have them in time (and have the money) to purchase these books so students can check them out and have the book for an entire semester which is how long they would need them? And then even if by some really strange chance in hell we DID do any of that do you think that we would have enough copies for each student in your class, or are you just so super smart that you think we have one copy here with your name on it and nobody else has asked? People think. You are in college. Think. Think about systems, and how they work, and how they are funded, critically think about the way the world is structured for a second. I always ask them when they come to the public. What school do you go to? Have you been to their library yet? No? Ok, well maybe you should give it a try, as the college library will be more closely tailored to the needs of your individual school’s classes and curriculum. Even if they don’t have the book for check out sometimes they have a book on permanent reserve, which means you can use it in the library for a certain amount of time, say 2 hours. *College student’s eyes glaze over*


I get it. I went to school. For like 8 years. Sadly no I am not a doctor after all that time but I have had to buy a bunch of textbooks. It’s life. It sucks, and the publishers are annoying for updating editions and making so little changes but making it so you can’t buy used and you spend over 100$ on a biology book you may not even crack open. But we don’t have your textbooks here, I know it’s just so hard to believe.

It’s the same at the college, although they are a little bit more apt to find a copy on reserve (not every teacher puts a book on reserve it’s up to them to bring their own copy to us) OR there are very few but some classes we have the book on reserve. We do that for common classes that don’t change the book or edition often. You may find it in LINK+ and be able to borrow an older edition usually from another college, but even there you can only check it out for a month, max. Buy the book, or ebook. If you buy the actual book, think ahead, so you have it in time for your class. Yes, this is your responsibility. Then you can sell back the book at the end of the semester. Yeah, you may only get half or less, but it’s something. So that’s really what the whole first week or so consists of.

There is an upside to the coin of being in the tech cave. Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it’s a curse. Today I’m making it a blessing and zoning out on a short story. It’s actual nice to write in here. Even though it’s busy it’s kind of taking me out of it which is nice. My 2 normal saviors aren’t here to take some of my hours, but it’s been a literal zoo here since school started. So I guess I’m not that sad about missing reference. I just pray nobody gives me shit in here tonight. It’s rare, but it happens sometimes. My arch nemesis just walked out after being in here for over an hour. This is good, I can breathe again. However another frenemy is in the back row making eyes at me anytime somebody peeps. I can handle her today though. I just swivel my computer monitor up blocking my face from hers. There. Now she doesn’t exist. Its super packed in here right now. All 21 computers are occupied. I think maybe because yesterday was a holiday, and people had to go without use of their public interwebz and they must be making up for it today.



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