I’m here and I’m trying to make the most out of my day being here. So I’m searching for jobs online, and thinking so hard about what my next move is or can be, I’m thinking so hard I’m tired of thinking. None of these job openings are exciting me in the least so I just can’t focus. I keep thinking about a word I’ve been hearing these days.


I’ve been hearing this word lately, for a couple of reasons. But more so because yesterday we talked about it in a class that I started sitting in on two weeks ago. The reason that I’m there in the first place IS due to a meaningful coincidence to begin with. A little while back I said I needed a teacher, OK well I got one, literally. My favorite professor that I took about 13 years ago when I was in Junior College. I had just been talking to a student the day prior about his class and he is now teaching where I work and came into the library for some tech help. Long story short I told him I remembered him, and that I liked his class and he told me to come to his new class that he was teaching, Psychology of Religion. So despite the fact that I haven’t sat in a classroom in about a decade, and that I’m really not enrolled and I don’t take the tests or anything and people still look at me funny when I don’t sign in on the role sheet, I’m technically kind of sort of back in school. And it’s amazing. Yesterday we talked a lot about this word, and how when you start to notice these significant coincidences you are better able to follow them, leading to different paths that were otherwise not noticed or understood before. Are they coincidences or signs, or just the “universe” or “god” or “intuition” pushing us in a direction? The only thing that is important is what they mean to us, or how we interpret them. You are the observer, the experienc-or, the blank canvas that gets projected upon so you have to take that into consideration. Then we went down the spiral with Hinduism and the suffering and the cause of suffering and the YOU ARE IT notion of life, and by the end of the three hour class you get it, and lose it about 5 different times and end up in that cloudy brain haze that only happens when you start thinking about reality and how absurd it is and death and it feels so real and fake at the same time. He ended with a story about ex-president Reagan that I’m still thinking about today.

Apparently Ronald Reagan had Alzheimer’s at the end of his life. I don’t know much about Reagan, but after hearing this, and reading the 60 minutes article I just pulled up when I googled just now, I think I may have to add his bio to my list of things to read for the century, he sounds like a pretty interesting cat. Sometimes there is an innate knowledge in us, something beyond our own minds and our own comprehension, these things that draw us to people, places, occupations, etc. Familiarity that we know somewhere deep within ourselves that we can’t explain with logic, or cerebral thought. I know it because I’ve felt it before. I think it’s probably true for everybody. Here’s the story as told by the author:

“I think the single most shattering story I heard about him was the fact that a friend put a white ceramic model of the White House into this fish tank that he had in his office. And he took it home in his fist,” adds Morris. “And when Nancy pried his fingers open and said, ‘What’s that, Ronnie?’ And there’s this little, wet White House in his hand. He said, ‘I don’t know, but I think it’s something to do with me.'” (Morris, 2004)

I love learning, it’s kind of the best. I’m think that I’m going to get a lot out of this class this semester. I need to keep making professor friends so I can sit in their classes for free. I also got some random email from a life coach that just happens to work in the same building s as my deceased therapist who sent out a mass email to women leaders in academia “aka my work email at the University” about carving out a meaningful life. She offered a free consultation. So you know what I thought, I’ll take it and I made an appointment with her in about a week. I don’t know what to expect there seeing as I have no idea what happens in a life coaching session, but again, synchronicity, so I took it.


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