32 years on this earth, including many very peculiar conversations and I have never heard of this until yesterday. Apparently there is some strange auxiliary language that was created in the late 1800’s with simple universal grammar rules that was meant to be spoken worldwide in an effort to make lines of communication more open universally. The idea isn’t so bad. The language itself sounds a bit like a rip off of Spanish to me. It may be harder for some people to learn than others, seeing as the characters would be different for many eastern languages. The reason I even found this out is one of my co-workers explaining that she belonged to the Esperanto club at her high school in the 70’s. I was like, Esperanto?? What is that? She tells me, and another co-worker chimes in that he remembers all this. Really, how have I never heard of this?

Here’s the official site:

I watched some of the YouTube videos, and I’m almost amused enough by this, and bored enough to try to learn it. Do people still actually speak it? According to the enthusiast websites they do, I’ve never encountered anybody in real life that spoke it, but then again I’ve never asked because I didn’t know it was a thing. Can I put bilingual on a resume and explain that I speak Esperanto or will people just look at me kind of crazy? I like it though… Maybe you’ll see a post in a couple of month in straight Esperanto.

Fun fact: There was a William Shatner movie made in 1966 entirely made called Incubus:


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