Non-Angelic America

Well it’s here. And I promise that I won’t get all political on you here. But I am nervous as hell. Trying not to be but I am if I have to be honest about it.

The public library shares space with a polling place at the playhouse next door, I thought that it was going to be crazy around here with voters, but not really, it’s been a pretty normal day here so far. One thing that I will speak positively about is the number of people that I know that are turning out to vote, and encouraging others to do the same. Pretty much all of my Instagram feed and Snapchat feeds are ripe with people proudly wearing their I Voted stickers and speaking their voices. That’s all we can do this time, rock on voters.

I really wish that this election would allow us to examine our process of electing leaders. At a time when our world is in need of good, honest, people to evolve us and move us forward not only as a nation but as a race of humans we get stuck choosing between what many people will call “the lesser of two evils”. Why the hell do we have to get cornered into choosing this way? Things change, people progress, ideas progress. We change things to expand in our world over time, why are we still living by this two party system for our Presidential elections? We literally get two choices for president. Every freaking time. That’s it? Two choices, two parties, two schools of thought? Choose that one that is the closest to OK? I don’t really know where I fit in politically, I just wish that our politics weren’t so ruled by personal interest, lies, and scandals. Nobody will ever please everybody, I get that and I understand that so many people see things differently and have the right to do so but come on. It’s a literal s*** storm out there today we have turned yet another serious matter into a freaking reality show. Nobody is happy about it, everybody is freaked out and tension is high. The whole world is watching us make a spectacle of ourselves (once again).

Maybe I’m being a little hysterical over here. I’m not “educated” enough to know what’s really going on, I don’t keep up with the news or claim to know all of the platforms either candidate stands for. The conspiracy theory part of my brain thinks that this is all fixed anyways, look at the hubbub we get to create this time. How much can we sell air time for the commercials on the most televised night probably in history while people bite their nails at home waiting for the votes to be tallied? Who knows what will happen in the next four years, and how much does one person sitting in a single chair in an office really make to individual citizens? For me the bigger message here for me is hate vs. love. Old ways and fear needing to fall away and make room for tolerance and acceptance among our citizens of our own nation, and the world. Can we please move forward with more of this in our hearts? I’m rooting for you America, and for everybody at home feeling like I do.

In honor of America on election night here’s one of my favorite poems ever by Ginsberg

America by Allen Ginsberg



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