About this week…

After an extremely emotional week here in America, a lot of us are left wondering what the hell is going to happen to us both individually and as a nation. We have people angry, and afraid and reacting really strongly to the decision that was made last week in the presidential election. I don’t watch the news. I rely solely on my social media to tell me what’s going on in the world today. This might seem strange, or ill informed, but it’s not like I’m listening to Uncle Bob’s personal opinion rants on Facebook and taking it as news. (I don’t even have one anyways.)

First thing I did is watch reactions to the election on Snapchat, seeing joy, elation, fear, disgust, and disbelief first hand in the faces of people on both sides of the fence. Young and old, from different parts of the states and from other countries, there is such a large reaction. It was painful to see, everybody is so invested and emotional about what has transpired with this election myself included. It’s nice to know that we are all out here feeling these things, no matter what it is it means we are alive. It almost feels tangible like this cloud of collective energy hanging above us all.

Luckily, I choose to only follow positivity on Instagram, so I’ve been seeing a lot of really hopeful posts and gaining insight and conversation that way. I’m so impressed with the level of love in the people on my feed these days. A traveling writer from LA named Jedidiah Jenkins posted some really great stuff about what is going on, including a TED talk by Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, which helped a lot in terms of a bit of explanation as to how things became so divided among us. I know some people hate on TED talks, but I’m quite fond of them, this one is 20 minutes, but it’s worth a watch.


While you are at it you should check him out too, his posts are interesting, well thought out and just downright inspiring. Here’s a link to his blog, his posts often make a difference in my mood and mindset in a positive way.


Hopefully as time passes we can see some improvement on all levels, personal, national and world wide. I know we all have to believe that the good in this world will outweigh the bad. That we are still moving forwards and not backwards. We all hope. I hope.

This weekend Dave Chappelle came out of hiding and hosted Saturday Night Live. If he wasn’t already enough of a comedy legend, he killed it with his monologue and a few of the sketches. That man is a national treasure and he really had something great to say about what is going on. Of course, he says it with his unique brand of humor, and I think we all could use a bit of laughter right now.

SNL- Dave Chappelle

OH, and we also have to mourn the death Leonard Cohen this week on top of it all off. Its times like these I just kind of look at my cat and say please don’t die. It helps in times like these to “stand here and think about someone you love” one of the sayings of children’s author Dallas Clayton. It helps. Go ahead. Do it. Right now, just close your eyes and think about somebody you love even if they aren’t here on earth anymore, even if it’s somebody you’ve never met. For me today, it’s this dude. *swoon




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