Cutting.. With lasers..

Today I learned how to use a laser cutter.

Well, kind of. Somebody showed me really fast and if you asked me to do it again, I may or may not be able to struggle through it on my own. BUT, I did get a really cool cut of a cat in a suit, and a 12X12 piece of plywood that can be my next project. I want to hang something above my computer. The problem with that is my computer is on the floor and I have no desk and no coherent office space. Maybe this can be something to work on during the break. I have to think on it.

We have been really pushing the use of our makerspace here, we now have 2 3D printers, a laser cutter, and some sort of sauntering iron and other gadgets I have yet to use. It almost looks like some sort of mad scientist’s laboratory.


I’m just watching this machine cut a really detailed cat out of plywood using a laser and thinking, 15 years ago I was playing snake on my Nokia phone. Things advance so quickly, I can’t wait to see what the world is like when I’m 70 something, if I make it that long. Maybe even by then part of me will be robotic. Anyways, it’s fun. Making stuff is fun. Even if it sucks, and there is no use for it. Creating brings out the kid in everybody I think. We have student interns that come in now and make projects, which is awesome. We didn’t end up getting the grant we wrote for but whatever, it was a first attempt, there’s more where that came from. Our little creative space is growing, and these students never cease to amaze me with what they can do.


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