About me

Hi there!

I’m a librarian from Southern California who works in both public and academic libraries. Here’s me hard at work in a snap chat, yes this is how all the magic happens, usually sitting at some sort of library or reference desk.

I chose this path because I love words, books, inspiration, creativity, imagination and information. Here are some common questions I get asked as a librarian:

“Do you even think there will be libraries in the future?”

“Won’t everything be digital one day and not in print?”

“Can’t people just Google it?”

“What do librarians actually do? Just shelve books and tell people to be quiet?”

Librarians and libraries are important institutions in the communities they serve, and I just wanted to share a little of what happens inside of them. I often discuss things that happen to me, encounters with strange patrons, things that bother me, things that inspire me,  and give examples of the kind of books we carry by choosing a random  book in order to start a dialog about the multitudes of things that happen in this world. I also just kind of dig into my personal life, random musings and the like.

Libraries hold such diverse and important information, and let me tell you some weird stuff happens in them, so read up, enjoy, discuss. Also, check out the link to my other projects, should be more coming soon.

Again, thanks for reading!!!! Follow me on wordpress if you can…