Study Room Blues

Today I’m left in tech for another hour, and I can’t do any more cataloging so… What left to do but blog really? I haven’t done a blog from the public sphere in while so here goes.

It’s been a zoo over here lately. A freaking zoo. I mean it always is, but even more so. It’s like one of those things where you ask yourself is there any way I could be any busier? Then somebody throws another ball into your juggling routine and you really are trying not to die, and still juggling and somehow not dying or dropping the balls but knowing it just a matter of time until you just can’t handle it anymore….

Who ever said libraries aren’t busy places? Two phone lines ringing constantly, a line of people wanting to make passport appointments, looking for books, etc. Trying to build new things and start new programs all being understaffed and stretching everybody so paper thin. It’s a lot, and mainly why I haven’t been blogging from here too often. Just no time, when I leave here I’m brain dead from constant question fielding.

One of the main questions we get often is about our study rooms. Like most libraries we have several quiet study rooms where people can come and reserve them for up to two hours per group per day. You can call and reserve them only a day in advance no sooner, and you can’t try to be cute and say you are just going to use another group member’s card and get more time. These freaking rooms book up like hotcakes. I work Monday morning right when we open and I literally answer about 4 messages and 10 calls only about study rooms, and that’s only in the first hour. There is never enough room or time and nobody can believe it when they just can’t get the reservation they want. It’s crazy. Some people get it, but some also don’t. I’ve had many a conversation that goes like this:


I would like to reserve a study room today please at 3:30-5:00 for 4 people


We don’t have anything open at that time, we have something from 2:30-3:30 if you want to come earlier, or openings again after 6.


Oh I’m looking for something from 3:30-5:00 for four people.


Yes I understand, we don’t have any room available at that time. Again, we do have some earlier and later as I mentioned but nothing from 3:30-5:00.


So you don’t have anything from 3:30 to 5:00.


We don’t have anything available at that time.


What about the Rowling room, is that open at 3:30?


We don’t have anything available at that time.


What about the big room, with the windows?


We don’t have anything available at that time.


(long pause) Oh, ok thank you then.


(Wanting to slam the phone down because I have to say the same thing over and over and we don’t have anything at that time! Stop wasting my time and your time and listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth, ahhhhhhhhhh)

You’re welcome have a nice day.

**Repeat multiple times a day**

Or you get those sneaky ones who think they can have extra time and that you can’t add numbers.


Ok give me the Rowling room from 5:30-8:00


It’s a two hour maximum, so I can do 5:30-7:30


Yes I want the whole time 5:30 to 8:00


Ok it’s a two hour max, so I can only book you until 7:30


I want the room until 8


It’s a two hour maximum so 7:30 is the latest


OH, sorry I was miscounting. Hahaha


(Smiles at them but knows that it’s not that hard to add 2 to 5 and get 7 and that this lady is up to no good)

Hahah it’s ok I have you in Rowling until 7:30.

I have tried thinking of things that could make this more efficient. Maybe an online reservation system? Charging for the rooms could deter people from wanting to use them? But I guess that’s not the point, we want people to come here, we want them to use resources, but we just don’t seem to have enough to go around staff wise or room wise these days. *insert long exasperated sigh*



How I got f***** by AT&T and how I learned to switch the story

This is all drama, so I’m sorry for that. But this is not just a post about complaining out loud, so hear me out. Don’t tune out just yet.

In December, I updated my phone. I am one of the few who have the ever coveted grandfathered unlimited data on my shared plan with my brother. So I went into my local store by my work and told a very nice and seemingly well-meaning young lady my story. I HAVE to keep the unlimited data. I told her multiple times how important this was to me (and my brother who trusted me to make the account changes). She assured me that they brought it back and that I could get my phone upgrade along with two tablets, keep unlimited talk, text AND data and that it would be just a little bit less then what I’m paying now. Fantastic. Sounded too good to be true. Too good to be true, but hey, I have been really feeling like the universe is with me lately so… let’s believe in the good of people. I leave the store beaming and happy with my new toys and quite proud of my adult decisions and happy that my phone carrier is finally looking out for me.

The next day my brother sees the changes online to our account. Not good. We only have 10GB of shared data per month? I didn’t agree to that?  She knew our plan last month was 18GB of usage, almost double that. So I call her cell. No answer, no voicemail set up. I email, no response, I know that it isn’t good when the email address is a random mix of letters and numbers, looks like those reps aren’t too permanent. So me and my brother decide to go into the store. During this visit we are assured that even though technically now we only have 10GB shared per month there are no overages (that’s the unlimited part?) and even though it says that I will be throttled to lower 2G speed, making my streaming apps unusable that it won’t happen and I won’t notice any difference in my speed or performance. See, I was right, she did have our best interest at heart. Faith in humanity restored!

Well, she lied. Let’s not say lie, but omitted truth. Here I sit, the 18th of the month, with a text message telling me I’m through my data, I’m throttled, and I can’t use any social media, half of the websites I try to go to won’t load. Pandora is spotty at best. I’ve been streaming Spotify with no issues at least I have something. Please don’t fail me now Spotify.

Loud Sigh.

Well, naturally the first thing I had to do is write a yelp review. It’s long, and I’m not going to name names or curse or whatever. I’m just going to express how sad I think it is that companies force their sales people to lie to their customers in order to meet numbers, or to get rid of features they otherwise just can’t remove. It’s shady business. On the part of the company and the people involved not only sales people but their managers and the other higher ups who persuade them to lie. There’s pressure in sales, people have families, need money to live, etc. I don’t hate the sales people themselves, but I just feel that it’s so awful that they are put in these positions and that they don’t have another way out. Maybe a select few don’t really give a crap about lying to people, but I’ll say most probably don’t like it. Business. It’s all business. I highly dislike big business. But you know, the yelp review is to warn others, and address the broader ethical dilemmas brought up by big business while questioning who has the power to change these awful structures. I’m sure nobody really needs to hear about it all, but give me a soapbox and I’ll get up there.

So now here’s my way to change my sad story above. There are two ways that I thought I could spin it, whether I decide to pony up the extra cash for data or not.

  • Pay an extra 20$ a month to get things back the way they were (or close to it). Money is tight for you, yes. But how about you drink 2 less bottles of wine from the grocery store, OR skip going out one night and getting beers. You’ve been trying to drink less anyways right? AND/OR
  • Lessen your screen time. I know this seems scary at first, but I am way too connected, and have been for some time. Only check your social media at home on the wifi, or *gasp* maybe take a break for a couple of days at a time. You really just need the music, that’s the important part. Haven’t you wanted to unplug more lately? Use the time you would be sucking down data to suck down some more books, or write something. Take up a new hobby.

I guess either way really isn’t so bad. I was super mad at first. But the more I think about it, the less mad I actually am. There’s so many times these days when we are forced to take a cheek one way or another to some act of greed, or manipulation for no more than the interest of people in power, or companies. You can say your pieces, and stand up against the injustice of course you should. Say what you need to say, put it out there, know that you are not alone when stuff like this happens. I’m by no means saying lay down your swords forever, but there comes a point where you have recognize it for what it is, shrug, and think of solutions that are plausible WITHOUT working up your blood pressure, stewing, or sulking about it all night. With age you realize that there is a small amount of times in life when hey, sometimes, you just get f*****, and here I think I did. So, one feels the anger, naturally, and lets it pass. Then you can think of possible solutions and make the story not so frustrating. So I didn’t get f***** here, I think that AT&T is just pushing me to meet some goals in my life that involve two of my biggest addictions… social media and booze. Thanks AT&T.

You get a sense of empowerment when you realize that nothing in this world has the power to alter who and what you are inside, and how you feel. Don’t let this crap in your head, you make your story anyhow so make it good.



I’m every woman..

I have had the same person in the tech center two days in a row working painstakingly on a fancy word document. Like the weird ones where he wants to add boxes and put in images and line things up, etc. I hate word. The only thing I ever use word for is to type words, and it works out just fine. Sometimes even with the whole header/footer thing or footnotes it can get a little weird. I have never appreciated it for complex things such a tables, or intricate forms, with designs and lines and other fancy things. I find that it’s often temperamental and annoying, that it can be tricky and basically doesn’t ever want to do what you tell it to do. Maybe it’s user error (a.k.a. me not knowing how to really use it very well) but I find that it is just easier to use excel for boxes and rows of tables, or Publisher for forms that require lines and images where you need to freely be able to move things around where you want them. But this guy keeps calling me over every 10 minutes to ask me why word won’t let him move his picture. My favorite from this series of interactions was:

I just want these two last lines to be on the page above.

OK Well they went down to a new page because there is no physical room on the page above.

Well I just want them on that page above it.

I understand that, but as you have it now there is no space for them. You can either make your font smaller, or you can mess with your spacing until it all fits.

Then he just looks at me blankly. Thankfully I got out of there like right when he was asking me something along these lines for like the fifth time. But today it’s more of the same. I didn’t really go to school to do marketing materials, nor am I going to sit and fiddle with your word document for an hour until it looks like you want it to. But I can direct you to some online word tutorials…

I had another user who wanted to apply for an EIN number through the IRS. OK great, I told him I could get him to the site, but he would have to complete all the information on his own, that I couldn’t help him with the process since I’m in no way qualified and don’t know anything about the tax implementations, etc. I said this because I knew he was going to be a needy one, but he seemed to understand. At least until he started calling me over every 3 minutes.

First he wanted to know if he qualified as a joint venture. I told him I would have no way of knowing that, and I couldn’t help him with this process. Calls me over again 2 minutes later wanting to know when the end of his fiscal year was, I told him that I would have no way of knowing this and this is information he needed to provide on his own behalf. I showed him how to click on the blue links that showed him the help screens that give explanations about what the questions are asking. Then he keeps calling me over for thing after thing. I feel bad because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. But neither do I, and as a library worker I’m not responsible for providing this help to him, if anything I could really mess him up here. Finally he gets the darn EIN and there’s something on the letter he doesn’t understand about mailing in a payment, so he asks me what that was. I was like PLEASE for your sake call the IRS number listed for help.

People come through all the time and ask us to help them with various things. Federal tax information, real estate loans, FAFSAs, personal banking, really private stuff. I’ve had multiple people try to hand me their cell phones to talk to their bank, or other financial institution about something that they were trying to handle and just couldn’t figure out. It’s interesting how many people tell me that they don’t even know why libraries exist, and that they may be obsolete in the near future. But on the flip side I see patrons here using the library as their center for basically well, everything. Many patrons rely on us to know things that they don’t. Like anything and everything. Like we are their niece or nephew coming over to help them set up the computer, or email accounts, or to give directions. I mean who else is going to tell people the owners of 7 different specific baseball teams, or how to spell the word uhhhhhhhh. I used to feel bad that I couldn’t answer everything that was asked of me, but really we are just here to point in the direction of information for you. Not to do your things for you. Just had to get that off my chest after today. (Mic drop)

Brick Walls

So far this year….

I have applied for 21 full time jobs (and probably a few part times). I know the number because I keep the applications organized on my flash drive. Most of them take over an hour to complete and include things like, cover letters, reference lists, diversity statements and supplementary questions. I’ve applied in California, Colorado, Washington, Montana, Indiana, Nevada, Utah, and maybe some others that I have missed. I have done and redone my cover letter and resume, making adjustments on the advice of friends and colleagues. As of today I have had 0 interviews. All I seem to get is the same old email from the automated Human Resources system that says hey thanks, but no thanks. Sometimes it can feel like a glaring reminder that tells you that you are not good enough to even sit down and talk to for 10 minutes. Sigh. I feel like I’m just running my head over and over into a brick wall. Over and over, brick, wall, face.

I’ve been upset about it, frustrated, annoyed, deflated, and confused. You can’t imagine what this much rejection on the job front both externally and within a place you already work at can do to your self-esteem. I try not to take it personal and remind myself that I’m still pretty new in the game, and that it’s just a piece of paper they see not really you, and there’s so many applicants. And then there’s the sympathy I get from time to time… “Man’s rejection is god’s protection”… “Be patient and the right job will come along at the right time”… I know. I know. There are some bullets I’ve dodged, and I know there are places that I don’t belong and that would literally murder my soul if I worked there but I could just use some good news about something in terms of moving forward in my career?

Many days I just want to be a child about it, throw myself on the floor and beat my fists saying it’s just not fair!!!! It’s not like I’m applying to be a beer taster that makes 100K a year or something like that. I just want to be a real life full time librarian with 1 job and health insurance, working at a place that I like whose values align with my own where I can be creative and useful and contribute to growth in a positive direction. I guess maybe that is asking a lot? Something that may hinder me is my inability to be fake on some levels, but there’s got to be some sort of professional puzzle piece that fits with my personality and beliefs.

Either way during times like this, where I feel stuck in a life situation I always ask myself. What am I not seeing here? What have I not learned in order to level up? Certain things need to happen in the universe and internally inside me in order to unlock doors and make it to the next stage in my life and I know this. So either something is not lining up with me, or I’m just trying all of the wrong doors. Maybe I’m wrong to think that in life the right things will just, well, work. Do I even have a key with me, what is it made of? Even if I have one am I just trying the doors that can only open with a fingerprint scan? Are the doors even there or are they a figment of my imagination? Is there a world without doors I can create? It all gets very confusing at times and I think on this one I’m just going to have to surrender for now, accepting my temporary fate in the tech dungeon. (Because life is the most temporary thing).

 On the flip side, check out this Marlon Brando meme I just found. Sums up how I feel AND there’s a cat in it. Plus it’s kind of an inspirational palate cleanser to my feeling sorry for myself rant. Thanks interwebz!!! When I feel like this, I just remember that I was alive in the age of memes. And that helps a bit.


Textbook Time

No. We don’t have your textbooks.

I forget the whole first week of school students come to libraries thinking that we carry all the textbooks they will need for their classes. I’m not sure people really know how libraries work. Ok well they don’t, at all. First of all, if we HAD textbook materials there is no way we can afford to update them every year when the new edition required for you classes comes out? Second of all, do you think that a public library somehow has the syllabi for every single college course in a 20 mile radius and that we have them in time (and have the money) to purchase these books so students can check them out and have the book for an entire semester which is how long they would need them? And then even if by some really strange chance in hell we DID do any of that do you think that we would have enough copies for each student in your class, or are you just so super smart that you think we have one copy here with your name on it and nobody else has asked? People think. You are in college. Think. Think about systems, and how they work, and how they are funded, critically think about the way the world is structured for a second. I always ask them when they come to the public. What school do you go to? Have you been to their library yet? No? Ok, well maybe you should give it a try, as the college library will be more closely tailored to the needs of your individual school’s classes and curriculum. Even if they don’t have the book for check out sometimes they have a book on permanent reserve, which means you can use it in the library for a certain amount of time, say 2 hours. *College student’s eyes glaze over*


I get it. I went to school. For like 8 years. Sadly no I am not a doctor after all that time but I have had to buy a bunch of textbooks. It’s life. It sucks, and the publishers are annoying for updating editions and making so little changes but making it so you can’t buy used and you spend over 100$ on a biology book you may not even crack open. But we don’t have your textbooks here, I know it’s just so hard to believe.

It’s the same at the college, although they are a little bit more apt to find a copy on reserve (not every teacher puts a book on reserve it’s up to them to bring their own copy to us) OR there are very few but some classes we have the book on reserve. We do that for common classes that don’t change the book or edition often. You may find it in LINK+ and be able to borrow an older edition usually from another college, but even there you can only check it out for a month, max. Buy the book, or ebook. If you buy the actual book, think ahead, so you have it in time for your class. Yes, this is your responsibility. Then you can sell back the book at the end of the semester. Yeah, you may only get half or less, but it’s something. So that’s really what the whole first week or so consists of.

There is an upside to the coin of being in the tech cave. Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it’s a curse. Today I’m making it a blessing and zoning out on a short story. It’s actual nice to write in here. Even though it’s busy it’s kind of taking me out of it which is nice. My 2 normal saviors aren’t here to take some of my hours, but it’s been a literal zoo here since school started. So I guess I’m not that sad about missing reference. I just pray nobody gives me shit in here tonight. It’s rare, but it happens sometimes. My arch nemesis just walked out after being in here for over an hour. This is good, I can breathe again. However another frenemy is in the back row making eyes at me anytime somebody peeps. I can handle her today though. I just swivel my computer monitor up blocking my face from hers. There. Now she doesn’t exist. Its super packed in here right now. All 21 computers are occupied. I think maybe because yesterday was a holiday, and people had to go without use of their public interwebz and they must be making up for it today.


Librarians as Doormats

Yesterday I worked 9 hours on reference, 4 in tech and 5 at the information desk at the public lib. Honestly, today my brain and nerves are shot. It’s hard to be nice for so long. I mean I like to think that I’m naturally a nice person, but after this amount of time, it’s just hard. OH and I also made about 20 scripted phone calls to let kids know that they were a winner in our summer reading program raffle. Congrats you have won a ____. It gets hard to leave voicemail after voicemail and eventually I was saying come GAIN your prize instead of claim. I don’t know if gaining a prize is even a thing? There’s got to be a better way to do this, making 100 calls, probably about 85% of them being voicemail isn’t very time efficient at an already short staffed and super busy library…But I digress..

Today hasn’t been so swell either. My patience is at about 2% and I literally almost said some rude things to a patron who didn’t understand WHY I couldn’t just make her an appointment for a passport when I already explained our procedure to leave a message on the voicemail line and she would get a call back within 24 hours. WHY would she have to wait like everybody else?  WHY wasn’t a library staff assisting her immediately with her passport application process, since it was clearly the most important? WHY Couldn’t she just butt in right now since she was being rude enough, and bypass all the polite people that actually just waited their turn to get a call back?? I almost asked her WHY didn’t she know how to inquire about things politely? WHY had nobody taught her any manners or demonstrated for her know how to talk to people she was asking help from? I think my coworker picked up on my frustration and came over to save the day. I owe her some chocolate I really do. And, of course, back to about 20 more scripted phone calls while on desk in between helping people.

Sometimes I feel that I’m just at a point of complete deflation with my patience with people. I don’t know if any sort of long vacation, or tropical drink, or good amount of awesome patrons can wash this bad taste out of my mouth. I’m pretty sure I’m just not cut out for public librarianship. I’m sick of the people who don’t help themselves. I’m sick of entitlement, and lack of manners. I’m sick of the weird creepy dudes that know my name and come in the tech center. There’s one that just walked in now, like right now. He used to come all the time to the other branch, he’s an architect who sometimes prints stuff out. I have no idea how he has a job and deals with people in the real world. Half the time he’s on the computers he’s cursing to himself, and mumbling.  He knows all the women who work here by name, and for a long time when I saw him regularly, would deal with him cursing and being continually upset because the server on his weird Russian mail order bride website would not be working. He had some girlfriend in Russia that he was sending money to, Svetlana I think really that was her name. Then another time he went on a loud tirade to me once about how he lives with his brother and his brother’s wife is a you know what and won’t let him use their computers because she thinks these weird sites he goes to are pornographic. Then proceeded to tell me all about all the fat women he sees everywhere here and how it’s disgusting and fat women are disgusting, (mind you he was talking really loudly in a quiet room and I was hoping somebody would get up and kick his ass, but it didn’t happen) then asks about my husband and if he lets me go out on my own. I just tell him my husband is large, and likes firearms. NO really, I did tell him this. Even though my husband is imaginary and if I WAS married to anybody they certainly wouldn’t like guns.

There are so many ways to live. I get that. We all have bad days. I get that. There are a billion people with a billion different upbringings, reasons why, stories, lessons, social and mental impediments, etc. But I just don’t know if I am tolerant enough or strong enough to take it much longer. I don’t like what it turns me into sometimes, and that is the scary part. I don’t get much respect from people in the public realm. It’s sad but true that most of the time I feel much like a doormat, a sad used up doormat.

On the plus side of things. Here is something I didn’t know existed. A nose aerobics basketball toy. I got to inform 5 very excited kids they will be the proud owner of these bad boys. I wish there was an extra one I could steal. I just want to watch somebody use one of these in real life.. Excuse the YES’s, this was from a snapchat..



I’m not supposed to catalog anymore today, so I’m sitting in a near empty tech center, with a swinging outdoor concert in the veranda. I just gave the two people in here an extra half hour over their allotted two hours, because they are nice, and there’s nobody in here, and who fucking cares about these rules really? There is 21 computers and nobody is using 19 of them.

I think I have a hard time enforcing rules, it’s one of the major problems I think I have with the public side as a librarian. Some of them are just silly. I know why we have them, but I also think they are meant to be bent at times, and can definitely be situational. I don’t argue with people about most things. And I really don’t care what they are doing or why they are here. I think they should be able to have all the access they need to the information and tools we have. WHY can’t we all just act like courteous people anyways? I overheard a man last week yelling at my co-worker because he wanted her to reserve the newspaper for him, like put it on hold for him when for he got in. He was upset because other people take the newspaper and then don’t read it or hold on to it too long, and we should save it especially for him so this wouldn’t happen. THIS seems like a problem of humanity and NOT the library workers who make peanuts at the desk. Is it our fault that people don’t know how to share like civilized human beings? Not really. And how is HIS reading of the paper is more important than anybody elses who wants to read it.

It’s one of those days when nothing is where it should be, people are impatient, the schedule is messed up and you find yourself swimming alone on desk through a sea of strangely needy library patrons flagging you down and expecting you to help them WHILE you are assisting somebody else, asking several part questions one after another until you feel the burn of the eyes of the next four people crowding (yes crowding, no lines here!) around the desk waiting for you to find them a book (which won’t be where it’s supposed to be anyways) without even attempting to first help themselves. Did I mention running into a swinging library gate and getting a massive bruise causing you to basically cry in front of a patron? Sigh.

This world is full of people and we all need something. Including me. I need some whiskey, and possibly some restorative yoga and perhaps a cookie.


Case of the Sundays

Some days…

Are better than others. For sure. Today we started our 24/7 period for finals for the spring semester. Which means sometimes I have to be the adult in the room when the Circulation supervisors don’t come in until later. It’s Sunday, so on top of kind of envying everybody who got to stay in bed with this gloom and have a Lazy Sunday, or seeing pics of everybody brunching on Instagram or snapchat I am here. Basically dealing with all the things. And I just can’t wait to go back to bed…

It’s inevitable that during this 24/7 period more people are needing access to our databases and resources, so I guess it’s inevitable that there will be more problems that may come up. But this morning there were quite a few that I couldn’t fix, I don’t have the access to create or update patron records so they basically have to wait until the supervisor comes in, which always makes me sad because I know people are basically in crunch time right now and those 5 hours of research could be vital to them, but I continue on.

The day goes something like this:

Wake up tired

Rain and gloom with purring furball make me want to stay in bed FOREVER.

Window left open in car means a soaking passenger seat and door that kind of smells funky.

Student worker late, then calls off.

Multiple patrons with access issues, must break news you cannot help them and they have to wait.

Many chat questions, Coca-Cola and technology, child abuse effects, strategic marketing in healthcare, annual 10-K report for Harley.

Therapy dog comes to chill out and relax us! YAY!

Therapy dog has diarrhea in the library while handler tries to get him outside. Very pungent.

More phone calls and questions about poster printing and other things.

Look at clock and want to cry. Imagine self on Tropical Island.

That’s pretty much the gist of it today. Sigh. And back to Rancho tomorrow I have to try to find some silver lining here. I think that may be Game of Thrones tonight, although as mentioned before I think I may only be able to muster enough might to get back into PJs and get back into bed.

Fric Frack

So, it’s been a while, maybe I’m not the greatest at the steady blogging. I usually catch up on Mondays when I’m stuck in this disgusting tech cave, but I had the death cold last week and was down for 3 solid days. It was so nice not having to come here though I’ll tell you that much. Either way, it’s Monday, I’m here now and here for a long time so let’s do this. Positivity today, only. Which is hard because the second I walk in the door its straight cynicism and annoyance. Have to try though, for my own sake.

I had a really busy week at the University. It may be because the semester is coming to a close, not many people do research during finals week, it usually happens about a month before. I do get some last minutes, but usually during 24/7 weeks most of my questions are about print cards, or change for a 5 or renting headphones. Which is nice, I guess it gives my brain a break.

Friday I had instruction for a new class, which to my delight was only about 15 minutes. It was just industry info, NAICS code and annual 10k stuff for business, which is pretty straight forward. It was pretty awesome that I didn’t have to ramble on to dead eyes for an hour, the class was nice and attentive. I think that I appreciate working with the adult students, they seem to be more in tune and  grateful to have the information than the younger ones, who are in another world most of the time.

Saturday was super busy, I think I was with a student in one capacity or another for the entire 5 hours, mostly business stuff again but some tough ones. I helped a guy who wanted information on fracking in CA. OK first of all what is fracking? Hydroelectric fracturing, or some way that we put water and other crap into the earth to push up oil. Hmm, that’s interesting. So he wants to know how many fracking wells in CA, and how much water are we using? I found a good ebook that helped with the number of wells.  And a CA gov website that provided quarter reports.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, which is not that long of a period of time.. CA wells injected 94,602 acre-feet of water into fracking wells. What the hell is an acre feet? Well a lot. This number roughly translates to about 30,826,196,697.054 gallons. Fuck. It’s almost mind boggling the amount of water we put toward this, aren’t we in a drought? Don’t yell at me about eating an almond when you are driving around in your SUV because that is a shit ton of water for oil. But the things we value at the cost of our natural environment never ceases to amaze me.

Other than that I basically just learned about Herzberg’s dual leadership theory, public transportation and how it relates to poverty and unemployment, team work in the transportation industry,  just boring things, how do I find this article, how do I order books from another library. The printer is out of paper… etc.

I’ve been keeping myself busy trying to whittle down the item count in our digital collection for Gladdys. It’s working, but its tedious converting multi page TIF items into single PDF files and switching out. It’s nice to see the numbers go down though, I’m switching the bigger items first. I think there is something about seeing tangible results for your work. Sometimes that’s hard being a librarian many times you are just sharing information, I guess some students I help let me read their senior projects which is nice because I can see that result, I also guess I could look at my stat numbers, but that’s boring. Anyhow. There’s so many books to catalog here. I really don’t even feel like doing it, but I should be going. Until tomorrow when I’m back in the cave..

I’m looking forward to summer again. I hate hot weather (I really should move) but I like the fact that my day off switches from Wednesday to Sunday. This means brunch again. I’m literally just sitting here in an empty computer lab thinking about brunch right now.

Here’s the actual scene.

TC empty


Although somebody just came in and ruined my silent awesomeness. AH now there’s three. Like weeds these people multiply. You look up and suddenly it’s a room full of people clacking away, their odors and vibrations mixed with one another’s and your own until you don’t know where they stop and you start. Where their frustrations and troubles are inadvertently projected in your direction. Mostly gripes, Mondays, print jobs that don’t work and forgotten email passwords. Some are writing to their doctor, some facebooking, some watching young men do make up tutorials on you tube to make themselves look like young girls. Although this is NOT illegal its creepy AF, especially when you know the guy watching is a registered sex offender and he’s getting some sort of jollies of it somehow. I’d honestly rather see people watching porn that that, it’s just utterly disturbing. This IS the public, I remind myself, the tired poor huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. And to get some free internet. There is some positivity though. I need to figure out how to tune out that lower wavelength. Maybe that is my lesson and why I’m stuck here until I can. A hyped up nurse on coffee just came and talked with me. I like those people the most. The casual ones, that just talk, he had to go submit another drug test for work, and he liked the gigantic clock on the wall, I told him where he could get one. He called me dear. How nice.

Slow speed ahead

Sorry! It’s been so long since I blogged. Life things got in the way, one of which being laziness. I was actually inspired just now by somebody to write this. It’s my tech center Monday AM and my favorite thing.. complaints about internet speed.

This guy approaches me… Is your internet always this speed? It’s 1.5, I can get 10 at home.

As you know internet providers speeds can vary , but yes, we usually have the same speed SLOW, because we are a public library on a city network. If you can get 10 at home. GO BACK THERE. I actually did tell him, yes he should go back home then. I should have told him I turned down the internet speed with the dial here at my desk as soon as I saw him coming because I don’t like him much. But that probably wouldn’t have gone over well.

So not much has really been going on. The RC library is now officially a passport office, where we collect processing fees so the library can have even more money instead of us actually dealing with patron’s library needs. It’s fun. OH public. When can I get out of here.

What blows my mind is that people just most of the time feel a need to publically express their distaste for something because they are miserable inside and have nothing better to do.

I have the same tormentors week after week. Last Tuesday, Some children were licking lollipops in the tech center, and tormentor #1 took it upon herself to ask “Excuse me are we allowed to eat in here”  .. I look around confused.. who’s eating? She points to the lollipops. (this is technically the rule, but use your discretion. OBVIOUSLY no fried chicken or tuna sandwiches, but candy, OK gum.. Is gum eating? How about a mint?) Yeah I think those are OK, why are they bothering you? No.. I was just wondering. (smug look and turns back to screen where she is printing coupons and facebooking mind you not doing anything of importance)  NO you were just being a jerk and wanted me to kick small children that were being appropriately watched by their mother out of the computer lab because they had lollipops.

Ok that rant is over. Only 2.5 more hours in here today. Then 3 hours on reference, then 1 hour processing passports. Yes, this is what a librarian does. At least I was able to help an Iranian doctor with proofreading, he tried to pay me. I could take the tip and nobody would know. But I just can’t. I won’t do it for everybody, just the people that really need it that are nice to me. You can really get places in life by being pleasant with people. I don’t understand why people don’t try it out more often.