Other Projects

Obviously, I love to write, and on top of this blog I have a couple of other concurrent projects, some completed some in the works.

I recently tried my first hand at writing a long body of work, didn’t quite reach novel status so we’ll call it a novella. Think of it as binge watching but with literature. It’s a short book, at about 85 pages so you can probably get through it in one sitting if you had a free hour or two. I have the Kindle version on sale for the low, low price of 3$. Even if you don’t like it, just think of the small contribution you will be making to my professional authorship and know you would be appreciated. I didn’t have any paperbacks available because I wasn’t sure if there was interest, but for all you peeps that don’t ebook, if you are interested in the paper version let me know.

You can find my novella The Beach here